What does a Warrior Woman look like?

THAT is unique for each of us. 
Now, ladies, don’t get hung up on syntax. YOUR Warrior Woman does not have to be this super human she-woman with an animal skin cloak and a shield. Mine sure doesn’t. My girl is just that. A free spirited fun loving giggly creative girl. (OK, so she also has a mermaid tail, wears a fox headdress and carries crystals…but that’s just ME.)
YOUR Warrior Woman may be a ballerina or a high fashion, sleek city mama. She may be a vivacious little girl who refuses to wear her hair in pony tail because she likes the way it feels dangling down when she hangs upside down on the monkey bars. She may be quiet and gentle or she may be a lioness. Heck, she can be a combination things.
In short, she is YOUR unique vision of your inner spirit. Your Warrior Woman KNOWS what you can do and how AMAZING and CAPABLE you are. She is the one you call on when you decide to quit your job and finally start your own business. She is the one you call on when your child is sick, you have had two hours of sleep and still have to show up with a smile, make-up and rock out a cute outfit the next day. She is the one that gives you the courage to break off an unhealthy relationship and persevere. She is the one that lets her hair down and allows herself to be silly and play with her children. She is the one that tells you its OK to treat yourself to a massage today.
At first, the idea of a Warrior Woman may be intimidating. I sometimes hear that I am intimidating. That always makes me giggle. Knowing that for years I was shy, awkward and wished I could be outgoing, it is often hard to believe I live like I do today. Your Warrior Woman is not intimidating it is WHO you ARE in all of your joy and greatness. It is a symbol of your uniqueness and the bearer of abundance. She holds the key to getting everything you have ever wanted in this world.
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