REST in DECEMBER?! Who has time for that?


We cannot alter time. Time goes by with or without us. However, what we choose to do with it is totally in our control. Winter solstice is December 21st. It is the shortest day of the year. Literally, and symbolically, the days thereafter offer more light. 

That is when inspiration comes.

January is on the horizon. The New Year offers new beginnings. December is a time of rest. Sinking into our mental hibernation, we allow our creative minds to rest and recharge. That’s why it is so important to address self care this month and pamper you.

You may be thinking, “You’re kidding right? The holidays are the busiest time of year!”

Bears slow down and hibernate in the winter. Birds fly south for a warm vacation. Trees become dormant. Nature’s way is to go within and get snuggly. We should take the hint. Sinking into our mental hibernation we are allowing our creative minds to rest and recharge.

Let’s get real.

I am crazy busy in December.

As a single working mother of two small children, I HAVE to be creative to find resting time. Otherwise, my life is like a tornado.

Girlfriend, it is so worth it. The result is, believe it or not, MORE energy! If I take time to pamper myself, I actually GET MORE DONE. I feel full of joy and can embrace the holiday with a genuine sense of cheer and gratitude.

Use the following tips throughout December. Not only will you be able to ENJOY the magical moments of the holiday season, but when January arrives, you will feel refreshed, reset and ready to blast off into the New Year with vitality and creative ideas!

12 FREE ways to lower stress and free up time so 

YOU can slow down and enjoy this festive time of year.

Take deep centering breaths throughout the day. Count to 3 as you breath in and count to 5 as you breathe out. Stop lights are wonderful places to try this. You may be amazed at how tense you are “sitting still” at a light.
Ask for help. 
Wonder Woman and Charlie’s Angels do not do it alone. They have support and “higher powers” that offer vitalaid to their public heroics. It takes a village ladies…use your resources. You might find that others take pleasure in helping you. Asking for help, you are taking the guess work out of HOW to give to YOU. In other words, you could quite possibly be GIVING when you are also receiving. Now how cool is THAT?
Say NO, thank you. 
Any of you have ever been a first time kindergarten mother KNOW how easy it is to fall into “Sure, I will do that.” It takes 1 millisecond to say yes to occupying hours upon hours of your time.
Now, mommies, let me be clear. I LOVE to volunteer at my children’s school. I am talking about balance. You cannot do everything. EVEN if you think you are the BEST person for the job, sometimes, you just have to let it go. What is more important, your sanity or a “perfect” bullition board?
Say YES, thank you. 
Say YES to sleeping in a few extra minutes. Say YES to taking a bubble bath. Say YES to going out to dinner. Say YES to letting someone help.
Restructure your time in little increments.
Waking up 15 minutes earlier can set a peaceful tone that lasts all day. Packing kids lunches the night before (or teaching them to do it themselves) can open up oodles of morning time. Turn off the TV. Television sucks hours of time away in what feels likes seconds. Journal or make ART instead. Being creative brings clarity and joy!
Stop mulit-tasking.
Ok, not entirely. After all, we are women. It is in our nature to do 25 things at once. BUT. You CAN choose the most important 3 things for the day and then let everything else go. Can we say “freeeeddooommmm!” I promise the sky will not fall in.
Put a pause on impulse.
When someone asks you to do something, (this includes children,) say, let me think about that. Unless it is urgent, finish your task at hand or check your calender first. If you can, take some time to do a true “gut check” as to whether it is something you need to do, want to do and/or have time to do.


Speak up!

Tell your family what you need. Share, within reason, what you are feeling. If you are stressed, take 5, sit down and breathe. Kids will understand (even if they are looking at you like you’re crazy). Think of what a great lesson you are teaching. Modeling self care and self awareness will serve your children for life.


Set clear times for availability and unavailability. 

Choose times in the day that are JUST for family. (I have a no phones at the table rule.) Choose times for work. Stick to them. This will allow you to focus your whole self on something. Honor yourself and your family with your undivided attention. It is a wonderful model of how to be respectful of others.


Set technology boundaries. 

You can do it. Pick a time when the computer goes off and stays off. You can do it. Turn off your email notifications. Turn your focus to your life not the computer screen. Set a timer (yes, I’m serious) for Facebook.


Use your intuition.

Check in with yourself on a regular basis as to how your life is feeling. Note what is working and what is not. Allow yourself to be flexible. Introduce, or elaborate on some spiritual practices (like meditation or praying). Get in touch with your inner wisdom to guide your choices around how to spend your time. Like yoga, the more you practice this, the easier it is to do.


Change a habit. 

Are you used to staying up ’til midnight? Try going to bed at 9pm and getting up with the sun. A simple switch in perspective may be just the thing that catapults you into creativity! Do you stay in sweatpants all day? Get some cutie outfits on and watch how the sluggishness melts away! Do you plop in front of the TV first thing in the morning? Grab your coffee (bundle up if its chilly where you are) and walk around the block!


Change often feels uncomfortable because we mommies are so used to doing for everyone else. We love to nurture and care for our tribe. 


Just remember YOU are important too. 


A happy mommy makes a happy family. 


You can do it. 


Start today. 


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QUICK Cranberry Pear Pie and Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Pear Pie


  • 1 refrigerated pie crust, softened as directed on box


  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 4 cups thinly sliced, peeled ripe pears
  • 2 cups of sweetened dried cranberries
  • A variation is 2 ½ cups of pears and 2 1/2 cups of apples, but the pears are much faster to peel and make a great pie all on their own.

Topping (crumble or lattice)

  • 1 refrigerated pie crust, cut (I use scissors) and latticed on top


  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup cold butter
  • 1/2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts

If you’re in a major hurry, just grab a packet of crumble mix from the baking isle at the grocery store. Add a tablespoon of water and your done!

Mix the dry ingredients in a big mixing bowl. Gently stir in the cranberries and pears until everything is mixed up and coated with yummy goodness. Pour it into the pie shell. Add your crumble or lattice. Cover loosely with foil and bake for 1 hour (400 degrees for the first 15 minutes then reduce the heat to 350 for the remaining 45). Remove foil. Bake for an extra 15 minutes or until crust is a golden brown.

Cranberry Orange & Pineapple Salad

  • 1 bag of cranberries (for really quick, use a can of cranberry sauce)
  • 3 snack packs of Mandarin oranges 
  • 1 large can of pineapple chunks
  • 1/2 c walnuts (optional)
  • 1 small box cherry jello

Dump jello out in a bowl add 1 c boiling water and 1 c juice. 1/2 from the oranges and 1/2 from the pineapple. Add the cranberries. Then drain the remaining juice from the pineapple & oranges and toss them in too. Mix well. If you want a little southern charm, add walnuts. If you can make it ahead. It is best when it sets up overnight. So SO easy!

Ok, now if you want to dress it up… (this takes an extra few minutes)

  • 1 small wedge of Brie cheese
  • 1/2 cup of the sauce from above (or your own cranberry sauce creation)
  • Use 30 frozen pre-cooked miniature phyllo shells, defrosted and place them on a baking dish
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Put 1 tsp of Brie cheese in each tart.  Place in oven and bake for 15 minutes or until the cheese is nice and melty. Once plated, top Brie with 1/2 tsp of Cranberry Mandarin Sauce.  Yummmalicious!
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Red Road

To Walk the Red Road

The Red Road is a long meandering road that began in the stars, spilled onto the mountain peaks, drifted in the snow to the rolling hills down to the streams, to the rivers, to the ocean… It is the line of energy that connects us all together. It is our essence. It leads us to our destiny. 

Walking the Red Road are people hand in hand, people in this world, people in the Spirit world, sky people, animal people, stone people, river people, tree people… 

Our journey along the Red Road places us in harmony with our personal needs, our health, our family, our relationships, our emotions, our intentions, our earth and our sense of spirit. It is balance. When you are on the Red Road, you are at peace, full of love and attracting abundance! You are full.

To walk the Red Road is to know some sadness, disappointments and mistakes.  (We have all been there.) Though our walk, we learn humility. On the Red Road, we have the ability to stand tall and walk through life doing the best we can. When we are on the Red Road, we are at peace. We are doing what we were put on the earth to do. It is then that the gifts start flowing like a river. The hardships will come, but their solutions are at your doorstep. Destiny awaits us.

Once you are on the Red Road, you can accomplish your dreams with ease. Wisdom flows to you through your intuition and you have clarity. You have balance.

To Walk the Red Road, you are empowered to be creative and not worry what others think.  Life is a journey, a continuous circle, a sacred Hoop. Mistakes will be made, but on the red road, things that are seen as mistakes often turn into gifts. You grow. 

To Walk the Red Road is to look for beauty in all things…especially yourself.

Click HERE to learn how to find YOUR Red Road.

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What does a Warrior Woman look like?

THAT is unique for each of us. 
Now, ladies, don’t get hung up on syntax. YOUR Warrior Woman does not have to be this super human she-woman with an animal skin cloak and a shield. Mine sure doesn’t. My girl is just that. A free spirited fun loving giggly creative girl. (OK, so she also has a mermaid tail, wears a fox headdress and carries crystals…but that’s just ME.)
YOUR Warrior Woman may be a ballerina or a high fashion, sleek city mama. She may be a vivacious little girl who refuses to wear her hair in pony tail because she likes the way it feels dangling down when she hangs upside down on the monkey bars. She may be quiet and gentle or she may be a lioness. Heck, she can be a combination things.
In short, she is YOUR unique vision of your inner spirit. Your Warrior Woman KNOWS what you can do and how AMAZING and CAPABLE you are. She is the one you call on when you decide to quit your job and finally start your own business. She is the one you call on when your child is sick, you have had two hours of sleep and still have to show up with a smile, make-up and rock out a cute outfit the next day. She is the one that gives you the courage to break off an unhealthy relationship and persevere. She is the one that lets her hair down and allows herself to be silly and play with her children. She is the one that tells you its OK to treat yourself to a massage today.
At first, the idea of a Warrior Woman may be intimidating. I sometimes hear that I am intimidating. That always makes me giggle. Knowing that for years I was shy, awkward and wished I could be outgoing, it is often hard to believe I live like I do today. Your Warrior Woman is not intimidating it is WHO you ARE in all of your joy and greatness. It is a symbol of your uniqueness and the bearer of abundance. She holds the key to getting everything you have ever wanted in this world.
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What can your Warrior Woman do?

She can change your life. Your Warrior Woman is your essence. Simply put, that inner whisper that shows you the way when you come to a crossroad in life. She is that nudge that gets you to “Go for IT” when your rational mind has a mile long list of reasons why you should hide, conform or take a step back. She is that dancing spirit that is itching to get out and show the world all that you REALLY ARE!

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What is a Warrior Woman?

What is a Warrior Woman?

A “Warrior Woman” is the REAL you. Now, I’m not suggesting that you run around being fake. However, we are all affected by our perception of what is around us. Things we run into weekly (like the mom that seems to have the perfect children, the cover of Glamour magazine beside the check out line, or colleague’s story of business success on Facebook) sometimes causes us to feel small or just not quite good enough.
Tapping into our Warrior Woman, we remind ourselves of OUR gifts, talents (YES, you DO have them) and things that make us special. She is your personality in full glory. It is the girl that dances to the stereo blaring while the kids are at school. It is that business idea you’ve had in your head forever or the dream lifestyle you secretly want but your rational mind says you will never have.
When we are able to draw up our Warrior Woman, we INSTANTLY feel sexier, healthier, motivated and engaged. THIS is when the magic starts to happen. It is really kinda cool.
Join the Warrior Women’s Club Now! Click HERE.

Make Miracles

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Woman defined

I am Woman…
Strong…Knowing the weight of the world is not mine to carry. I have the strength to relinquish life’s burdens to spirit and treat myself with gentleness.

Brave…Fearlessly facing life’s challenges. Leaning on spirit for guidance, I look within and follow my intuition. Knowing I can have it all. Knowing I do not have to settle for less.

Warrior…Learning to silence the negative chatter in my head and do what is right for ME. Teaching my children to follow their hearts and go after what they want. Showing, by example, that life is full of gifts. Believing in myself is the first step.

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Warrior Woman – It’s in us all

Do you really know who you are? Some of us spend a lifetime figuring it out. Too often, we let “life” get in the way. Finding the best excuses not to let ourselves shine. We mommies and working women are experts at that. “Putting our children first” or “job obligations” is one of the best excuses.

You see, doing a little something for yourself is actually the BEST thing you can do for your children. Illustrating self respect and allowing yourself to embrace the life of your dreams… Wouldn’t that INCLUDE doing all that you can for your children? OF COURSE!

Ahhh, you know, we mommies and working women… we were born to lead, to guide and direct the paths of others. When our children are sick or discouraged, we have strength to nurture and support them. When weakness tries to take control, we have that strong glue that bonds and holds things together. In the board room when masculine egos spring into action, we have the soft spirit that can tame the meeting and bring it back to productivity.

Spiritual and full of faith believing that nothing is impossible, empowered and driven by that spirit within. Did you KNOW that you ARE all THAT?!  Girl, you SO ARE!  It’s so cool really. To watch women learn to recognize that they are amazing and that it is OK to show your WHOLE SELF is truly the gift of being a Creative Coach.

Want to read more?…sign up for the Warrior Women’s’ Club and get ALL THE GOODIES!


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A note from Amy

What is a creative coach? I use drawing, painting. journaling, collage, multimedia and MORE! to help women live their most radiant lives! And, don’t panic, you can be the most novice of an artist to work with me. More often than not, the first thing a woman says to me as she is reaching out for a paintbrush is “I don’t have any idea what I am doing.. I can’t even draw a stick figure!” Believe me, this works for EVERYONE! I believe the creativity is ALREADY inside us all. It is my job to help draw it out of you. Through making ART, we discover your true calling and take action to make it all happen!

I have seen success after success. Many of the women I have worked with have said “I wish I had done this years ago!”

What are you WAITING FOR?

What if you KNEW that in just a few DAYS, even MOMENTS, your life could take a radical turn towards brining all of your wildest dreams to fruition?

Want more money?
Want more free time?
Want more for your family?
Want to ENJOY life more, not just go through the motions of day to day?
Want a FUN and FULLFILLING job?
Want an exhilarating relationship?

I’m here to tell you, I can show you the WAY! All you need is a little faith and to take ONE small BRAVE step.

Would you like to have all of your dreams come true? I can happen!

I have seen women transform their lives right before my eyes!

All it takes is one small brave step, and then presto! It snowballs into a total transformation!

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Making resolutions work

This is the season for change and renewal. A new start is always available to us, but something about the New Year brings excitement to the idea of change. The vibration is high and thoughts of January 1 are exciting! Its not just a new day, its a new YEAR! Whoohoo!

In the past, my “go big or go home” mindset geared me up for radical changes. I vowed to work out 3 times a day, eat only broccoli and brown rice, go to bed at 7pm and meditate for an hour every day. Needless to say, starting on January 1, the first thing that popped into my head was, “Gosh, I am really tired. I’ll start tomorrow.”

Then, came January 2nd. More excuses came. “I’m tired AND I have a big day today. I’m back to work and have too much to do.”

On January 3rd, the guilt was setting in, but being the master excuse maker that I am, I just listed off all kinds of reasonable, logical explanations why I could not make even the first step towards my preset goals.

The truth is, they were just too darn over the top! I wanted change, but had set myself up for failure wanting too much all at once.

Finally, I figured out how to make change successful. BE CREATIVE! Use your creative energies to think outside the box and CREATE solutions that are EASY and FUN! Read on girlfriend, this is juicy stuff!

1. Make your goals attainable.

Setting over the top expectations for yourself is a sure fire way to fail. Instead, set goals that are EASY to attain and add on as you go. For example, commit to walking up the stairs to work instead of using the elevator. That is something that will fit easily into your life AND create noticeable changes in your legs, hind parts and, if you pick up the pace, cardio as well!

2. Be gentle with yourself.

Commit to doing pleasurable things for yourself. Attending to your spirit and committing to self care is a beautiful gift and resolution that is FUN! For example, make a SPA resolution! Commit to treating yourself, once a week, to a quite bubble bath with candles, yummy scented bath oils and the works!

3. Start simple and add as you go.

You do not have to do it ALL at once. Make a list of your resolutions and then pick YOUR FAVORITE to do first. Let all the others go for now. Then, once the first resolution has become a habit, move on to the next item on your resolution list. For example, nstead of forcing yourself to complete a painting, write a book, complete a huge house project or other endeavor, start with the first step.  Commit to sketching or journaling for a few minutes a day, making the rough outline for your book or calling contractors and getting quotes. THEN, celebrate your accomplishment and add the next step.

4. Celebrate your successes!

Ahhhh, success feels sooo good! Remember to pat yourself on the back and do a cheerleader move or two when you have accomplished one of your goals. You deserve to have it all and success is out there just waiting for you to grab it! Go for it girl!

Do you want more? My Creativity Cleanse is a wonderful way to start the New Year! It was created as a gift for yourself to encourage a fresh start. The Cleanse will clear out the cobwebs of uncertainty and point you in the right direction. Designed with the brave woman in mind, it will challenge you to step into your power and leave self doubt behind. If you feel you are meant to do more in this life or have pent up creativity that is begging to be unleashed…the CREATIVE CLEANSE is a perfect way to get started! I can feel it! Another warrior women is emerging! Whoohoo! Go for it and happy New Year!





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