Meet Amy

Thank you soooo much for visiting! I have been teaching Art and Coaching for over 15 years.  I love what I do and am super excited to get creative with YOU! Whoohooo!

As a young girl, I was shy, insecure and afraid. Inside, however, I was full of energy and wanted desperately to join in the fun. I retreated to my closet which I turned into my indoor “hideaway”, filling it with all kinds of Art and “secret treasures”. Outside, my favorite place was the backyard creek. There, I discovered turtles, tadpoles and crawdads. I would make pottery from the muddy creek walls. Imagining I was an Indian, I would let my pottery bake in the sun then etch designs in the sides. I would send leaves floating down the waterway and pretend I was a great explorer leading a grand expedition down an uncharted tropical river. I spent hours in my mind.

As I got older I wanted to break out of my shell but didn’t know how. I felt I was never good enough.  I took to comfort foods, unhealthy relationships and was unhappy. I was lacking self love and using food to “fill me up”.

As the years went on, my art kept me afloat. I felt FREE when I was making Art.

I became a county Art teacher. It was a safe career. I really wanted to break out on my own and teach, but fear pushed me down every time.

To get out of my head and my emotional rut, I kept making art and dove into the outdoors.  I took adventurous vacations around the world. I found freedom in sports, like water skiing, snowboarding and backpacking. Being active and and traveling was invigorating. For brief moments when I was basking in the sun atop a summit or feeling my breath hiking through the woods I felt FREE.

BUT, these feelings were temporary. I wanted to feel free ALL THE TIME! I wanted to live a life of TOTAL happiness and bliss.

On the surface, it looked like I had it all. I earned Art Teacher of the Year, was involved in volunteer and after-school activities, sat on boards and made art as often as I could. I created new programs and spearheaded travel tours. In truth, I was overworked, stressed out and exhausted all the time. My social life had dwindled and my relationships were unhealthy.

Then, I took a LEAP of faith! I  made a CHANGE once and for ALL!  This time, CHANGE was permanent.  I stepped into my power. Through ART, I discovered my GODDESS WITHIN and finally decided to kick the door wide open and LET HER OUT! It was a HUGE step. Looking back, I am so grateful.

I was finally FREE to follow my dreams! The feeling was amazing! My internal struggle was over!

In 1994 I opened Art Adventures. Through teaching art, I was building self confidence in students of ALL ages AND embracing my dreams! I continued to journal, travel and create LOTS of ART! Soon after, I married and had my first baby. Appreciating my gifts and talents I embraced my newest venture, FeatherLight Studios.

During this time, my life endured some hardships. However, ART and total transformation system moved me through these trying times.

Now, facing life as a single mom of two children and full time business owner, I am the happiest I have ever been!  I am FREE. My children are happy and healthy. Business is thriving and I am on my way to having EVERYTHING I have ever wanted in life!

NOW, I am HERE to show YOU how to BE FREE! I have packed all of my practices into an ACTION PACKED PROGRAMS THAT ARE GUARANTEED TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

FEATHERLIGHT STUDIOS was created as a commitment to myself to continue this work and share with YOU the absolute JOY of feeling personal FREEDOM!


Step into BLISS without years of suffering and uncertainty.

My system will show you in LIGHT SPEED how to find freedom! The answer is finally HERE! Lets chat now. I’ll tell you all about it!

Just click the button below to sign up for a one to one personal consultation with me. Get ready to BE TRANSFORMED! This journey is tons of FUN!


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