Global Expeditions


My expeditions are NOT guided tours. They are fully customized, individual once-in-a-life time opportunities to do the COOLEST STUFF you can imagine while RE-DISCOVERING YOURSELF AND FINDING YOUR PERSONAL BLISS.
You will travel the globe while exploring your world within. Join me on an EPIC getaway PACKED WITH ADVENTURE. These expeditions are not for the faint of heart. We will DIVE right in, push your limits and have FUN! You will enjoy catered meals, super cool ADVENTURES like backpacking, skiing, climbing, biking, and kayaking. Each adventure is also jam packed with creative journaling, spa treatments and/or spirit work. All while you learn how to maximize your wealth, step into your power, minimize stress, and achieve your best life from the inside out. WOW!

With each Expedition you get:

  • Lots of ART! YES!
  • I have tons and tons of Art supplies that travel right along with us. Whether we are knee deep in a river or scaling a mountain side, you will have ART supplies available so you can create anytime and anywhere!
  • A completely customized tailor made package designed JUST FOR YOU!
  • Local Flavor. I believe a REAL travel experience is when you wrap yourself in culture and take time to get to know the folks that live in the place you are visiting.
  • Meet amazing people, do amazing things, challenge yourself and expand your horizons!
  • ONE to ONE Creative Coaching with me EVERY DAY! The TIME IS NOW! Find that Warrior Woman inside you and let yourself be FREE! I will be there beside you every step of the way.
  • Where shall we go? The sky is the limit.
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