Are you ready to take the LEAP? NOW is the time to have ALL THAT YOU HAVE EVER DREAMED.

Never drawn or painted? THAT’S OK! Some of my most successful students claimed they couldn’t even draw a stick figure!


What is a Creative Life Coach?

Using creative processes (like journaling, collaging, drawing, painting and clay) for self exploration to guide you to your FULLEST POTENTIAL!

What if I am not an artist?

Lots of my students claim to be uncreative and some were even terrified to do Art. Do not FEAR! I’m here to help you every step of the way! I believe EVERYONE is an artist. Monet and Van Gogh were shunned from the art world when they were creating Art. In hindsight, they were ahead of their time and breaking new ground. EVERYONE IS UNIQUE…. Be BRAVE and GO FOR IT.

What kind of Art will I make?

The sky is the limit! We can use crayons to oil paints! Paper mache to clay! Journaling to Poetry! Photography too! Together, we will decide what is right for you.

Who will see my art and what will it look like?

Unless you choose otherwise, your art will only be seen by you and I. Your creations are just for YOU. Making Art for self exploration is FUN! The art can be primitive and childlike or professional and polished. It doesn’t matter. Creating Art can be cutting out magazine pictures, scribbling on paper, throwing paint at a canvas or squishing some clay between your fingers. IT IS ABOUT THE PROCESS-Not the product. I have been teaching Art for over 20 years. I have worked with children and adults of every skill level. My process is gentle and life changing all at the same time! Whoohoo!

What if I AM an artist?

Awesome! This will be a rich opportunity for you to enhance your creativity and use your talents for personal exploration. Call me and we can discuss your talents and desires. I will create a program just for YOU that embodies YOUR medium.

I’m scared.

I totally understand. I’ve been there MANY times! That is the beauty of working with me. I am here for YOU. I will hold your hand every step of the way. Offering support and guidance, you can lean on me as you discover your personal TRUTH! What FUN we will have together!



Because you DESERVE IT! You do not need to be an artist (or even be able to draw a stick figure) to work with me. All you need is the desire to be creative and TRANSFORM your life from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

Where does the coaching take place?

Coaching sessions can be done over the phone or in person. I love love LOVE to work face to face. Come to my lovely cottage in Virginia or pick a destination of your dreams! Each coaching experience is catered JUST for YOU!

Can I be coached over the phone?

YES! Coaching over the phone is a great way to get started! CALL NOW for a FREE consultation and I will tell you all about it!

How do you teach Art over the phone?

My unique system is designed to go anywhere and works with ALL levels of art. If you have the desire to change, this process can work for you! I have lots of ways to bridge the visual gap! Call me and we can discuss which is best for you.

Where are the face to face sessions?

We can move mountains in person. We can work together at the FeatherLight studio in Virginia or meet in Hawaii, Colorado, Alaska or the destination of your dreams. Whether in Virginia or one of my global retreats, you will explore the beauty of nature and all of its gifts while unleashing your CREATIVE SELF!
My piece of paradise is located on a tributary of the Appomattox river. Here, we will stroll through acres of trails and meditate to the sounds of birds and native wildlife. For the adventurous, we can kayak, canoe, fish, hike and even water ski or wake board! CALL for a FREE consultation and I can start building your custom trip- for FREE- TODAY!

What is included in the VIRGINIA Retreat?

Each onsite retreat is ALL INCLUSIVE!
You get:

  • A completely customized package designed JUST FOR YOU!
  • No more signing up for a vacation or retreat just to find it is not what you thought it would be. Each retreat is tailored to meet YOUR specific needs.
  • Want to bring a friend? SURE! Each participant will work with me privately along with some group work. Whoohoo! What FUN we are going to have!
  • Organic nutritious meals prepared daily to kick start weight loss and cleanse your body.
  • Daily meditations
  • ONE to ONE Creative Coaching with me EVERY DAY!
  • Have a particular type of ART you like to do? EXCELLENT! We can work with your media of choice or work in a variety of media!
  • LOTS of PAMPERING! You can choose from options like massage, mani/pedi, raki, stone work…and the list goes ON!
  • Included in the price of each global tours: Sightseeing tours and local guides when appropriate, including admissions to sights seen as a group; all breakfasts and most of your lunches and dinners; accommodations each night, all transportation from the first hotel to the last hotel of the tour (does not include optional activities or independent travel during the tour)

What if I WANT an ADVENTUROUS trip?
We can customize your coaching experience into the ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME! I can take you to the extreme! Call me and tell me exactly what you have in mind- LET’S DO IT!
What if I am NOT adventurous?
That is perfectly fine. Each retreat is designed JUST FOR YOU. No two retreats are ever alike. Choose a relaxing, pampering trip or try something new and become adventurous!
My trips are perfect for people who like:

  • Individual to small groups (4-10 participants)
  • Specialty Tours – Art, Adventure, Food, Wine etc.
  • A balance of planned and free time
  • Customized for you based on your group’s needs and desires
  • Carefully chosen meals and accommodations
  • Regional and site specific expertise
  • Awesome guides, fun, relaxed atmosphere and great people

The Virginia based retreats are fully catered and, unless you choose otherwise, require little to no physical activity.
The global tours (to Hawaii, Colorado and Alaska), at a minimum, are mildly physically active: This is an integral, essential part of our touring style. On any adventure tour you should be capable of fully and happily participating — without any assistance — in the following levels of activity:

  • Carry or roll your own luggage for up to 15 minutes over uneven pavement from the bus to the hotel, then haul it up as many as five flights of stairs to reach your room.
  • Be comfortable on your feet for up to four hours walking and standing, both inside and outdoors in all weather conditions such as hot sun, rain or snow.
  • Sleep with mild air conditioning/heat and street noise in some hotels.
  • After orientation and transportation lessons, be able to navigate towns and cities on your own.

What is the purpose of the retreats or global excursions?

Your personal retreat is designed to transform your life.
Coaching Retreats will take you on an amazing journey of self growth. You will experience, mindful and spirit-filled activities to increase health and wellness, reduce stress, achieve balance in your life and reach new heights.
Your adventure can be here, at the FeatherLight Studios creative center in Virginia OR we could travel the globe!
Call 804-437-1104 for a list of destinations and activities!

What do we do on the trips?

Depending on your desires and level of adventure, your trip could include anything from a light stroll in the woods and guided sightseeing to mountaineering! Trips could include climbing adventures to backpacking or wine tasting and spa treatments. We could visit the theater; have a picnic, water ski, snowboard, cross country ski, or cross train. Beginners to advanced fitness… I will tailor make a trip just for YOU!
How are all of these cool activities incorporated into ART and WELLNESS?
EASY! Challenging your mind and body go hand in hand. Feeling good about your body and engaging in gentle or intense physical activity play an important part in total health and wellness. Ooodles of creativity is woven into our adventures! We will spend time journaling, meditating, making ART and being CREATIVE!

Some of the trips sound scary.

Not to worry! Each trip is tailor made to suit YOUR fitness level and transformation desires. Before you come, we will chat one to one at length to ensure your trip is built to suit YOU and encompass your needs. If you want to try something new, let’s do it!

What if I want to bring my family?

PERFECT! My program is designed with your whole life in mind. Ever since I had children, I have included them in my personal adventures. Bring em all and bring new found bliss to the whole family! Even if you have small children, varied fitness levels and interests, there is something for EVERYONE!

Want to learn more?

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