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Creativity Cleanse 

This is a 30 day online, self guided course. THAT’S LESS THAN $9 PER DAY to kick start your TOTAL TRANSFORMATION!

The Creativity Cleanse is intended to help you reset your creative self, and start over with a clean slate. Entirely online, you can work at your own pace, step into your power and connect with the warrior women within. Perfect for the busy woman who needs flexible times to create…

I used to make art at midnight when the kids were fast asleep! Girl, you gotta get your creative time in any way you can! You’re worth it!

Each day you will receive a super fun email FULL of FREE STUFF and MIND BLOWING activities, thought provoking information and ART projects galore! This unique program was designed for the independent, busy woman with TOTAL TRANSFORMATION in mind.

What are you waiting for? THIS IS THE FIRST STEP TO FREEDOM!

$250.00 Buy Now

Inspiration Ignite!

UNLEASH your dreams!


Do you have tons and tons of creative ideas, but they all fall to the wayside?

Do you start projects just to have them fizzle out and sit unfinished?

Do you KNOW you are creative but have no idea where to start?

Do you just not have enough TIME?

Girl, THIS e-course for you. Follow these simple steps to igniting your inspiration and UNLEASHING YOUR DREAMS!  Dial in on what you REALLY want to create and DO IT!

The BEST PART….You only need 5-10 minutes a day.

In only 21 days, the time you need will present itself and you will be off and running with focused inspiration! This is YOUR time. Fill your spirit with creativity. The bonus… Your family will benefit from all you are doing for yourself. You will be amazed at what unfolds!

$250.00 Buy Now

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