Our Christmas Story

The holiday season is a magical time for everyone. Christian or not, the scriptures have messages that can be interpreted by anyone.  Below are two poems inspired by the Christmas story. It relates the birth of Jesus to our own new beginnings and, as women, learning to listen to our intuitions and follow our hearts even in adversity.

The Spiritual Journey

Christ represents innocence.

The birth of Christ is the birth of innocence into the world.
This birth takes place any time each of us opens our hearts and minds to God.

The Christmas story guides us to cultivate the qualities we need to allow the Christ to be born in us.


The need for feminine qualities
Mary embodies the feminine qualities we develop in our relationship with God.

We learn to listen to the still small voice of our intuition.

We learn to trust and surrender.

We are willing to allow our spiritual self to be born.

We dedicate our lives to nurturing this self.



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