Making resolutions work

This is the season for change and renewal. A new start is always available to us, but something about the New Year brings excitement to the idea of change. The vibration is high and thoughts of January 1 are exciting! Its not just a new day, its a new YEAR! Whoohoo!

In the past, my “go big or go home” mindset geared me up for radical changes. I vowed to work out 3 times a day, eat only broccoli and brown rice, go to bed at 7pm and meditate for an hour every day. Needless to say, starting on January 1, the first thing that popped into my head was, “Gosh, I am really tired. I’ll start tomorrow.”

Then, came January 2nd. More excuses came. “I’m tired AND I have a big day today. I’m back to work and have too much to do.”

On January 3rd, the guilt was setting in, but being the master excuse maker that I am, I just listed off all kinds of reasonable, logical explanations why I could not make even the first step towards my preset goals.

The truth is, they were just too darn over the top! I wanted change, but had set myself up for failure wanting too much all at once.

Finally, I figured out how to make change successful. BE CREATIVE! Use your creative energies to think outside the box and CREATE solutions that are EASY and FUN! Read on girlfriend, this is juicy stuff!

1. Make your goals attainable.

Setting over the top expectations for yourself is a sure fire way to fail. Instead, set goals that are EASY to attain and add on as you go. For example, commit to walking up the stairs to work instead of using the elevator. That is something that will fit easily into your life AND create noticeable changes in your legs, hind parts and, if you pick up the pace, cardio as well!

2. Be gentle with yourself.

Commit to doing pleasurable things for yourself. Attending to your spirit and committing to self care is a beautiful gift and resolution that is FUN! For example, make a SPA resolution! Commit to treating yourself, once a week, to a quite bubble bath with candles, yummy scented bath oils and the works!

3. Start simple and add as you go.

You do not have to do it ALL at once. Make a list of your resolutions and then pick YOUR FAVORITE to do first. Let all the others go for now. Then, once the first resolution has become a habit, move on to the next item on your resolution list. For example, nstead of forcing yourself to complete a painting, write a book, complete a huge house project or other endeavor, start with the first step.  Commit to sketching or journaling for a few minutes a day, making the rough outline for your book or calling contractors and getting quotes. THEN, celebrate your accomplishment and add the next step.

4. Celebrate your successes!

Ahhhh, success feels sooo good! Remember to pat yourself on the back and do a cheerleader move or two when you have accomplished one of your goals. You deserve to have it all and success is out there just waiting for you to grab it! Go for it girl!

Do you want more? My Creativity Cleanse is a wonderful way to start the New Year! It was created as a gift for yourself to encourage a fresh start. The Cleanse will clear out the cobwebs of uncertainty and point you in the right direction. Designed with the brave woman in mind, it will challenge you to step into your power and leave self doubt behind. If you feel you are meant to do more in this life or have pent up creativity that is begging to be unleashed…the CREATIVE CLEANSE is a perfect way to get started! I can feel it! Another warrior women is emerging! Whoohoo! Go for it and happy New Year!





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