A note from Amy

What is a creative coach? I use drawing, painting. journaling, collage, multimedia and MORE! to help women live their most radiant lives! And, don’t panic, you can be the most novice of an artist to work with me. More often than not, the first thing a woman says to me as she is reaching out for a paintbrush is “I don’t have any idea what I am doing.. I can’t even draw a stick figure!” Believe me, this works for EVERYONE! I believe the creativity is ALREADY inside us all. It is my job to help draw it out of you. Through making ART, we discover your true calling and take action to make it all happen!

I have seen success after success. Many of the women I have worked with have said “I wish I had done this years ago!”

What are you WAITING FOR?

What if you KNEW that in just a few DAYS, even MOMENTS, your life could take a radical turn towards brining all of your wildest dreams to fruition?

Want more money?
Want more free time?
Want more for your family?
Want to ENJOY life more, not just go through the motions of day to day?
Want a FUN and FULLFILLING job?
Want an exhilarating relationship?

I’m here to tell you, I can show you the WAY! All you need is a little faith and to take ONE small BRAVE step.

Would you like to have all of your dreams come true? I can happen!

I have seen women transform their lives right before my eyes!

All it takes is one small brave step, and then presto! It snowballs into a total transformation!

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