Warrior Woman – It’s in us all

Do you really know who you are? Some of us spend a lifetime figuring it out. Too often, we let “life” get in the way. Finding the best excuses not to let ourselves shine. We mommies and working women are experts at that. “Putting our children first” or “job obligations” is one of the best excuses.

You see, doing a little something for yourself is actually the BEST thing you can do for your children. Illustrating self respect and allowing yourself to embrace the life of your dreams… Wouldn’t that INCLUDE doing all that you can for your children? OF COURSE!

Ahhh, you know, we mommies and working women… we were born to lead, to guide and direct the paths of others. When our children are sick or discouraged, we have strength to nurture and support them. When weakness tries to take control, we have that strong glue that bonds and holds things together. In the board room when masculine egos spring into action, we have the soft spirit that can tame the meeting and bring it back to productivity.

Spiritual and full of faith believing that nothing is impossible, empowered and driven by that spirit within. Did you KNOW that you ARE all THAT?!  Girl, you SO ARE!  It’s so cool really. To watch women learn to recognize that they are amazing and that it is OK to show your WHOLE SELF is truly the gift of being a Creative Coach.

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