Red Road

To Walk the Red Road

The Red Road is a long meandering road that began in the stars, spilled onto the mountain peaks, drifted in the snow to the rolling hills down to the streams, to the rivers, to the ocean… It is the line of energy that connects us all together. It is our essence. It leads us to our destiny. 

Walking the Red Road are people hand in hand, people in this world, people in the Spirit world, sky people, animal people, stone people, river people, tree people… 

Our journey along the Red Road places us in harmony with our personal needs, our health, our family, our relationships, our emotions, our intentions, our earth and our sense of spirit. It is balance. When you are on the Red Road, you are at peace, full of love and attracting abundance! You are full.

To walk the Red Road is to know some sadness, disappointments and mistakes.  (We have all been there.) Though our walk, we learn humility. On the Red Road, we have the ability to stand tall and walk through life doing the best we can. When we are on the Red Road, we are at peace. We are doing what we were put on the earth to do. It is then that the gifts start flowing like a river. The hardships will come, but their solutions are at your doorstep. Destiny awaits us.

Once you are on the Red Road, you can accomplish your dreams with ease. Wisdom flows to you through your intuition and you have clarity. You have balance.

To Walk the Red Road, you are empowered to be creative and not worry what others think.  Life is a journey, a continuous circle, a sacred Hoop. Mistakes will be made, but on the red road, things that are seen as mistakes often turn into gifts. You grow. 

To Walk the Red Road is to look for beauty in all things…especially yourself.

Click HERE to learn how to find YOUR Red Road.

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